Sunday 17th June 2018
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Offshore Disclosures

HMRC held an unprecedented Offshore Disclosure Facility (ODF) from April to June 2007 to enable taxpayers to “come clean” about undisclosed offshore bank accounts and any tax loss associated with them for a reduced penalty of 10%.

We received a number of new instructions from across the UK and all cases dealt with were eventually agreed by HMRC as submitted.

Due to the volume of information held by HMRC in April 2009 they have announced a New Disclosure Opportunity (NDO) to run from the autumn of 2009 to March 2010. This will be a final opportunity to come forward and disclose any undeclared income connected with an offshore bank account for a reduced penalty of 10% (20% if your bank wrote to you in 2007 and you did not take advantage of the ODF then).

We have the specialist expertise to assist you in dealing with all the issues you may have relating to offshore bank accounts or any other offshore asset.

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