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Specialist Services

Specialist Services

G W Dick & Co has been an established accountancy firm for over 65 years. In this time we have developed specialist expertise in addition to the other services that we provide for businesses and individuals.


We have undertaken bookkeeping assignments for clients since 1953 so it’s fair to say we’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt regarding bookkeeping.
If paperwork’s just not your thing, then why not give it to us so that you can get on with doing what you do best.

For more information on our bookkeeping services click here.

Tax Investigations (Compliance Checks)

HMRC’s commitment to combating tax avoidance and tax evasion means that increasing numbers of individuals and businesses may come under HMRC’s tax investigation microscope. Some of their enquiries are purely speculative as HMRC does not need any firm evidence to launch an investigation.
Whatever the reason for an investigation, G W Dick & Co understand that any HMRC tax investigation or compliance check is an extremely stressful and worrying time and can be a major distraction. That is where we can help. Once instructed to act, our partners’ combined 90 years of tax investigation experience will be brought to bear on your case to ensure:-

  • Your case is resolved in a cost effective and timely manner.
  • You are kept informed at all times.
  • You are guided throughout the entire process.
  • A proactive approach is adopted.
  • An equitable settlement is negotiated.
  • A personal and professional approach is taken throughout.

We deal with all types of HMRC investigations, namely;

  • Special Civil Investigations (SCI)
  • Civil Investigation of Fraud (CIF)
  • Corporate Tax Investigations.
  • Income Tax Investigations.
  • PAYE Compliance Reviews.
  • Status Enquiries.
  • IR35 Enquiries.
  • VAT Investigations and Inspections.
  • Capital Gains Enquiries.
  • Inheritance Tax Investigations.
  • All Compliance Checks.

Offshore Disclosures

Many people have legitimate reasons for holding non-UK bank accounts or assets. For example, overseas employment, overseas investments, overseas business interests or inheritance from a relative who lives overseas.
Since September 2017, HMRC have received information on foreign bank accounts and foreign financial investments from over 100 countries under the Common Reporting Standard. They will use this information to identify undeclared sources of income.
If you have an offshore bank account or another offshore asset that you have not disclosed to the HMRC, then we have the extensive experience to assist you in putting your tax affairs in order.

Voluntary Disclosures

For whatever reason you may have an irregularity with your tax affairs which you want to put right but are unsure how to do it. We can help. We can advise you on your legal obligations regarding taxation and deal with the entire process giving you the peace of mind that your tax affairs are being dealt with by specialists.
For professional advice and assistance please contact us in confidence.

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